About the Author
Tom Evslin, like hackoff.com CEO Larry Lazard, founded a company-ITXC- which went public during the Internet bubble. Unlike Larry, Evslin lived to tell the story of those times.
Besides being a serial CEO, an inventor with five granted patents, a licensed pilot, a failed candidate for the US Senate, the former Transportation Secretary of the State of Vermont, and a nerd, Evslin is well-known to web cognoscenti who enjoy his war stories about the Internet bubble and the years before and after on Fractals of Change.
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“Put Tom on the short list of the people who made the internet the internet. When he headed up AT&T's internet services, he introduced flat-rate pricing and brought on the masses. He went on to see the power of VOIP before the industry did. And as you'd expect, he's not publishing the old-fashioned way.”
Jeff Jarvis at buzzmachine.com here...
“Lots of folks got killed by the Internet bubble, but nothing like this.Tom Evslin provides a ring side seat to the fast paced battles and intrigue when entrepreneurs cross Wall Street. Like a chart of NASDAQ, it's a wild ride.”
Andy Kessler - Author of “Running Money” and “Wall Street Meat”
About the Book
The online serialization of hackoff.com has been read and listened to eagerly by Wall Street insiders, nerds, and mystery fans. Some call it the definitive account of the Internet bubble and subsequent rubble.
Fictional CEO Larry Lazard served time in prison for hacking through bank security systems and liberating credit card numbers. He parleyed this conviction into an online security consulting business which became hackoff.com.
Larry takes his company public. Its stock price soars and collapses. Following a hostile takeover attempt, Lazard is found dead in his office.

© 2006 Tom Evslin