Index of Dispatches

001..Beginnings (8/27/96:How we set out).

002..Vermont (8/28-30:First days. Woodbury to Rockwell Kent.)

003.. Adirondacks (8/30-9/1: Goodnow Flowage. Mountain Museums)

004.. Erie Canal (9/2: Barging ahead.)

005.. Seneca Falls (9/3: Harriet Tubman. Women's Convention 1848)

006..Niagara (9/4: Seeing the Cataract)

007..Chautauqua(9/5: A Cottage with Culture)

008..Cleveland and Ann Arbor (9/6-7:Cleveland Art Museum/Friends in Michigan).

009..Chicago (9/8:ChiU and Hull House)

010..Chi2 (9/9-10: Bahai Temple. Art Institute. Views.)

011..Spoon River (Flatlands. E.L.Masters' Town. Gravestones.)

012..Lincoln Country (New Salem. Springfield. Mary Todd.)

013.. Shawnee (National Forest. Ohio meet Mississippi. Kaskaskia.)

014..Cahokia (Great City of the Moundbuilders.)

015..Hannibal (Tom and Huck and Capt. Kirk.)

016..Cedar Rapids (Grant Wood. Amanas.)

017.. Corn Palace (Mitchell SD. Mandan Villages.)

018.. Badlands and Buffalo (Prairie Homestead. Bison bison.)

019.. Rocky Raccoon (Black Hills. Mr. Rushmore. TR's Ranch.)

020.. St. Labre (School on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation.)

021.. Little Bighorn (Custer's Last Stand.)

022.. Cody (Mountain Snow. Western Art.)

023.. South Pass (Oregon Trail. Continental Divide.)

024.. Granite Creek (Thermal Springs. Cold Camping.)

025.. Yellowstone (Old Faithful and the Brain of the Mountains.)

026.. Big Hole (Chicken-fried Eruptions. Chief Joseph.)

027.. Missoula & Lochsa (Curving Road Next 77 Miles.)

028..Roll On Columbia (Pomeroy Painting and Grand Coulee Dam.)

029.. Across (Desert Apples. Faux-Alps. Everett Waters.)

030.. Galiano Island (Sojourne in BC. Essay on Islands.)

031.. First Peoples (Vancouver. Museum of Man.)

032.. Seattle (Cities. Lattes. Skid Rows.)

033.. Olympus (Olympic Peninsula. Logging. Makah. Cape Flattery.)

034.. Rainforest (Big Cedar. Biggest Spruce. Heavy Rain. Go Fly A Kite.)

035.. Astoria (Across the Columbia. Lewis and Clark. Powell's.)

036.. Willamette (Portland. Salem. Argentia.)

037.. Sea Lions (Oregon Coast. Magic Caves. More Rain.)

038.. Cloud Festival (Mountain Climbing. Fog Viewing. Californifying.)

039.. Eureka (Oregon Politics. Chinese Immigration. Jacusing.)

040.. Arcate (Humbolt Tour. Foam and Fuss. The Big Trees.)

041.. Fort Ross (Ukiah. Real Goods. Yorkville. Russian Fort.)

042.. Muir Woods (Finding Bolinas. Familiar Woods. Into the Maw.)

043.. North Beach & The Rock (San Francisco. Alcatraz. Tony Bennet.)

044.. Santa Cruz (Palo Alto. Beach Carnival.)

045.. San Simeon (Hearst Castle.)

046.. Santa Barbara (California Missions. Pacific Fisheries.)

047.. Death Valley (Sierra Madre Lion. Bakersfield. Walker's Pass. Lowdown Desertification.)

048.. Las Vegas (Baby needs new shoes.)

049.. Hoover Dam (Powering Vegas. Getting Turned Around.)

050.. Mojave (Providence Mountain. Mitchell Caverns. Dry as Dust.)

051.. Los Angeles (Pearblossom Highway. Brentwood. Beverly Hills.)

052.. Getty (Museum Art. Los Angeles Scenes.)

053.. San Diego (Balboa Park. Horton Plaza. Downtown.)

054.. Mormon Interlude (LaJolla. Old Town. Coronado.)

055.. Anza Borrego (Bryce in the Desert. Peggy in School and at Sea World.)

056.. Baja Thanksgiving (A Bunch of Turkeys take the Bird South.)

057.. Vino Baja (Bufadora. Domecq Vinyard. Return Caravan.)

058.. Arizona (Material World. Tuscon. Phoenix.)

059.. Arcosanti (Soleri's World. Anasazi Housing. Sedona. Flagstaff.)

060.. Cadillac Ranch (Racing Homeward. AZ.NM.TX.OK.Piggott. The East.)

061.. Columbus and the Serpent (Kentucky. Ohio. Mystery Mounds.)

062.. Home Turf (Rolling Home. Dogs in the Woods. Bowdoinham.)

063.. Winter Light (Hiatus in Bowdoinham.)

064.. Lowell (Off Again. Lowell Mills. Abrams' Home.)

065.. Verrazano (Higganum. Big Bridges. NJ to MD.)

066.. Visionaries & Schnorrers (Baltimore and Washington DC.)

067.. Mount Vernon (Frederick Douglass House. George's Place.)

068.. St. Mary's City (George Mason. First Capital of Maryland.)

069.. Jamestown (Berkeley Plantation. Jamestown. Norfolk.)

070.. Somerset Place (Carolinas. Rice Plantation. Topsail.)

071.. Topsail Daytrips (LeJeune. Wilmington. Orton. Moores Creek Bridge.)

072.. Brookgreen (Myrtle Beach. Sculpture Gardens.)

073.. Georgetown. (Rice Museum. Plantations. On to Charleston.)

074.. Charleston. (Old City. Ft. Sumter.)

075.. Savannah (More Plantations. Beaufort. GA.)

076.. Okefenokee (We Go Pogo. Swampsquatters. St. Augustine.)

077.. DeLeon Springs (Fountain of Youth. Seasonal Art. Spring Water.)

078.. West Palm Beach (Orlando. Dick&Jane. Ocachobee. David Dances.)

079.. Miami (Ft. Lauderdale. Miami Beach. Key Largo.)

080.. Key West (The Keys. Hemingway House. Key Lime Pie.)

081.. Everglades (Tamiami Trail. Ft. Myers. Sarasota. Ringling.)

082.. Tampa Fool's Day (Dali Museum. Tampa Museum of Art.)

083.. Manatees (Homosassa Springs. Suwanee. Hills!)

084.. Emerald Coast (Tallahassee. Panhandle. Spring Break. Seaside.)

085.. Fairhope (Alabam. Organic School. Millers.)

086.. Civil Rights (Monroeville. Mockingbird. Selma. Montgomery.)

087.. Peanuts, Pecans, and Peaches (Fresh Quail. Plains. Carter. Andersonville.)

088.. Ocmulgee (More Mississippian Mounds. Underground. Atlanta.)

089.. Etowah (Mounds of Power. Paradise Gardens. Finster.)

090.. New Echota (Cherokee Homeland. Removal. Trail of Tears)

091 .. Nashville (Chatanooga. Parthenon. Darth Vader. G.O.Opry.)

092.. Natchez Trace (Andy Jackson. Hermitage. Meriwether Lewis.)

093.. Shiloh (Pickwick Dam. TVA. Battlefield. Memphis.)

094.. Graceland (The King. Beale Street. Metals Museum.)

095.. Faulkner Country (Chucalissa. Ole Miss. Rowan Oak. More Trace.)

096.. Vicksburg (Siege. Ironclad. Experimental Vehicles. Swamps.)

097.. New Orleans (Street Scenes. Live Music. Costumes. Colors. Infatuation.)

098.. Cajun Country (Across the Big Muddy. Plantations. Laura. Destrahan.)

099.. Creole Country (Kate Chopin. Cloutierville. Shreveport.)

100.. End of Trail (Oklahoma Mountains. Spiro Mounds. Trail of Tears. Sequoya House.)

101.. Talaqua (Cherokee Capital. Tulsa. Gilcrease Museum.)

102.. Bent's Fort (Dodge City. Cow Towns. Fabulous Recreation.)

103.. Boulder (Kid's Town. Flat Irons. R&R. Down the Platte)

104.. Bodmer (Nebraska. Joselyn Museum. The Master.)

105.. Thomas Hart Benton (Kansas City. Atkins. Jefferson City. Murals!)

106.. St. Louis (St. Charles. Schandorff Museum. New Harmony.)

107.. Cumberland Gap (Bloomington. Kentucky. Boonies. The Gap.)

108.. Blue Ridges (Appalacian Spring. McCormick's Reaper. UVa.)

109.. Monticello (Jefferson's World. Skyline Drive. Harper's Ferry.)

110.. Last Legs (Hanover PA, Kingston NY, Berkshires, Home Turf.)