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About HackOff
  hackoff.com is the leading provider of hacker protection to e-commerce web sites worldwide. Since the founding of the company in 1996, it has licensed its patented and patent-pending hackaway® software to over 4,000 e-commerce sites. These sites display hackoff.com's trademarked hackmenot® logo.

At a time when fear of online fraud is the major obstacle to growth of online consumer shopping, the hackmenot logo is a welcome reassurance to customers of hackoff licensees that their credit card information is secure.

hackoff.com's unique program of licensing in return for equity has made hackoff's award-winning protection available to a wide-range of e-commerce startups who would not otherwise be able to afford the best technology. hackoff is literally an investor in its customers' success.

hackoff.com was founded by Larry Lazard, Donna Langhorne, and Dom Montain in 1996 as a successor to a successful e-commerce security business originally established by Lazard. The company received a $10,000,000 round of venture funding from Windaw Wallar Ventures and Silicon Alley ad-Ventures, both of New York City, in January of 1999. In September of 1999 these two firms were joined by Big Router Ventures, the venture capital arm of Big Router Corp. of San Jose, California, in supplying an additional $25,000,000 of venture funding.

HackOff                 Current as of March 8, 1999
This is a faux company site designed to accompany the book hackoff.com.