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hackaway software is a complete solution which protects e-commerce sites against potentially devastating attacks by so-called hackers. This software, which is protected by granted and pending patents, is constantly updated to stay several steps ahead of the dangers facing e-commerce providers.

For obvious reasons, the details of how this software works are not made available. Moreover, no absolute guarantees can be made. However, results speak for themselves: our customers have never suffered a significant breach or loss when they use our product as directed.

Only licensees of hackaway software may display the unique hackmenot logo. Customers of e-commerce sites displaying this logo appreciate the care that has been taken to safeguard their critical credit card information. Surveys indicate that customers are more willing to buy online when they feel well-protected.

hackaway software protects against:
 • Unauthorized access to credit card and other information left behind by customers.
 • Malicious attempts to deface and change websites.
 • Attacks which reduce the ability of websites to service legitimate customer requests.
 • Attempts to misuse e-commerce websites as "relay points" for spam email or distribution points for viruses.

The software is available for all major versions of UNIX as well as Microsoft NT. It runs in a small footprint on servers owned by hackoff customers and is easy to install and maintain.

Because even start-ups need the best protection against hackers, hackoff.com has developed a unique equity licensing program to assure that lack of cash is never an obstacle for its licensees. hackoff is proud to literally be an investor in its customers success.

For more information on what hackaway software can do for your site and your customers and more details on the equity licensing program, please contact sales@hackoff.com or call 212 555 1001 today.

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This is a faux company site designed to accompany the book hackoff.com.