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Larry Lazard - Chairman

Larry is also President and Chief Executive Officer of hackoff.com. He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of computer security. He held a number of positions at Chase Manhattan Bank and was responsible for many of the Bank’s online products for consumers. In 1994 Larry founded a successful security consulting business. His clients were faced with rapidly increasing threats from hackers; the growth of e-commerce was being stymied by lack of protection from hacker attacks.

In 1996 Larry founded hackoff.com to meet the security needs he had seen first hand. The company is now the world’s leading provider of software to protect e-commerce companies and their customers.

Larry received his undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard College and Harvard Business School.

Donna Langhorne

Donna is also Chief Financial Officer of hackoff.com. She began her career at Ernst & Young where she worked in various capacities. Her responsibilities included corporate audits, consulting services, and work on the company’s Forensic Technology Services Team. She was, at the time she became a partner at E&Y, the youngest person ever to earn that distinction at the firm. In 1997, she joined hackoff.com as a co-founder and has served as hackoff.com’s CFO since its inception.

Donna received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University and earned her MBA at the Harvard Business School. She is a Certified Public Accountant.

Franklin Adams

Franklin is the managing partner of Silicon Alley ad-Ventures, a New York City based venture firm which he cofounded in 1995. Prior to founding ad-Ventures, he was an analyst at Stony Mountain Ventures Inc. where he shared responsibility for a portfolio valued at over $150,000,000. He is also a Board Member of dumboflats.com, bighead.com, and The Society for the Preservation of the Brooklyn Bridge. Franklin received a bachelor of science degree from MIT and an MBA from Stanford.

Joanne Ankers

Joanne is a Director of Strategic Investments at Big Router Ventures, the venture capital arm of Big Router Corp. of San Jose, California. She held both product management and financial analysis positions at Big Router Corp. before moving to the Venture staff in 1996. Joanne is a 1991 graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and holds an MBA from Wharton awarded in 1995.

Joseph Windaw

Joseph is a cofounder and a managing partner of Windaw Wallar Ventures and is based in the firm’s New York City office. Windaw Wallar was founded in 1991. Joseph was formerly head of the venture division of Gotham Greystone Bank and has also been a bank president and a president of a real estate development firm. He served with the US Army Green Berets. Joseph serves on the boards of Gotham Capital Bank, Park Avenue Furriers, Megasoft, and the Friends of the New York Orchestral Society. He is a graduate of Harvard College.

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