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  Q: I have a firewall. So why do I need anything else to protect my site from hackers?

A: Most skilled hackers consider firewalls as an hors d’oeuvres. Some have even been known to imbed their spyware in firewalls the better to steal your customer’s confidential information. If you don’t have hackaway protection from hackoff.com, neither your customers’ data nor yours is safe.

Q: How does hackaway protection work?

A: If we told you, we’d have to kill you. That’s just what most hackers would like to know.

Q: OK, I understand that, but then how do I know that hackaway protection works?

A: None of our customers have ever suffered significant damage from hackers when using our software as instructed.

Q: Why are you better than your competitors.

A: We don’t have any competitors, just imitators. Key elements of our software are patented; theirs is not. Our customers have never experienced significant damage from hackers when using our software as instructed. No competitor that we know of can make that claim. And, although we’re the best, we’re affordable to a wider range of e-commerce sites because of our unique software for equity program.

Q: What is your software for equity program? How does that work?

A: Simply put, we accept stock in our customers as payment for a perpetual license to use our hackaway software. This means that almost any e-commerce site can afford the best anti-hacker protection for themselves and their customers.

Q: How much equity do you require?

A: Individual circumstances vary. Your hackoff sales executive will be able to work out a specific arrangement for your company. Just call 212 555 1000 or write HYPERLINK "mailto:sale@hackoff.com" sale@hackoff.com to set up an appointment.

Q: I have heard that you have NOT patented all of your software. Why is that?

A: You heard correctly. Applying for a patent means that the techniques used will become public information. It is crucial that hackers not know how we do what we do. So it is best for our customers if some of our techniques are kept secret. We don’t really think anyone else can duplicate what we’ve done anyway.

Q: Don’t hackers evolve their attacks to overcome your defenses?

A: They try. We just evolve our defenses faster. That’s why we hire the best people and why hackaway software includes frequent updates.

Q: If I purchase my software with equity, are you going to tell me I have to provide MORE equity to get updates?

A: NO. Customers who exchange equity for a software license get not only a perpetual license to the software but free updates forever.

Q: Why do so many sites exhibit the hackmenot logo?

A: Those sites want to reassure their customers that confidential data is secure. Many studies have shown that the major reason for NOT buying from an e-commerce site is fear that credit card numbers or other information will be stolen. Reassurance increases sales!

Q: What can you tell me about your plans to go public?

A: Nothing. As announced on March 26th, we have filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Commission has not yet completed its review of that document. Once approved, that will become the only source of information about our proposed offering. Because of the proposed offering, we are in a “quiet period”.

HackOff            Current as of March 8, 1999
This is a faux company site designed to accompany the book hackoff.com.