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The hackoff.com Blook Team

Pat Bertha is our graphic artist and created hackoff's logo and other key graphic pieces. She learned Macintosh graphics in 1983 before the machine shipped and has a great story to tell about adapting Dow Jones fonts to the Mac. Pat also did all Solutions packaging and other graphics including the famous glue bottle in a cape. She currently is working with motion graphics and made a site featuring her secret passion...sundials. www.frissondesign.com

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff is our editor (but I, Tom, am responsible for mistakes). Her short fiction has been published in Analog, Amazing Stories, Century, Realms of Fantasy, and Interzone, and she is the author of THE MERI (a Locus Magazine 1992 Best First Novel) and four subsequent fantasy / speculative fiction novels. In 1999, her short story The White Dog (Interzone #142) made the short list for the British Science Fiction Award. Maya also writes and performs music with her husband Jeff, with whom she produces original and parody music CDs. Her website is at www.mysticfig.com.

Kelly Evans is the publisher (project manager) of this blook and web master for hackoff.com. Previously, Kelly was Directory of Operations and Technology (2001-2005) at Creative Time, a nonprofit public arts organization whose credits include the blue lights at the WTC site. She was beaming art and exhibit guides into PalmPilots before most of us knew what the infrared stuff was for. Kelly was one of ITXC's first employees and helped get that off the ground and out of our house. She had a crucial job in production at Solutions.

Mary Evslin is only part time on this venture. Too many charities need too much of her time. She'll do special assignments like getting through to people who don't want to be gotten through to and getting them to do things they really have no intention of doing. She's currently working on possible magazine placement of some chapters. We'll get lots of good ideas from Mary and, as often as we can, con her into implementing them. Mary and my collaborations started with Worcester vs. Kreps et al and have continued through children, houses, political campaigns, several varieties of Solutions, ITXC, charities, and figuring out how to retire.

David Zahn's Signal Advertising has been been Mary and my web developer of choice since there's been a web. Since the 80s we have been turning to David and his team for graphic design whenever we decided to start a company or a venture. Signal is the graphic design and web development company that built www.hackoff.com and helped us think through some of the 'novel' issues that surround online publishing. It was David who wrested the URL away from the porno site that owned it. For this project web graphic design was provided by Dave's partner Anci Slovak; and programming and project management was the work of Jason Northrup at Signal. Signal specializes in enterprises that are disruptive to traditional markets, so this 'blook' is a perfect fit.