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Chapter 11 - Bear Hug, February 19 – 25, 2002 - episode 2

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The Chat Board

Earnings Out!
by: thewatcher02 (37/M/New Rochelle, NY)                                                                                                                                               02/19/02 4:40 pm
Msg: 77120 of 77136

The earnings release is on yahoo!


Re: Earnings Out!
by: ChorusLine (24/F/Paramus, NJ)
Long-Term Sentiment: Buy                                        02/19/02 4:41 pm
Msg: 77121 of 77136
Posted as a reply to: Msg 77120 by thewatcher02
This looks bad.  30mil writeoff! Huge loss!  The street wont like it!


Re: Earnings Out!
by: pooper
Long-Term Sentiment: Sell                                        02/19/02 4:43 pm
Msg: 77122 of 77136
Posted as a reply to: Msg 77121 by ChorusLine
hackoff is as bankrupt as social security.


The Earnings Release
by: Jumbo10 (45/M/New York, NY)
Long-Term Sentiment: Sell                                        02/19/02 4:45 pm
Msg: 77123 of 77136
I’ve changed my sentiment to sell. This is very, very bad. We knew there’d be some write-off but the company never warned us it would be like this; probably giving themselves and their friends time to sell before the news got out. The stock is going to be shit and no one is going to believe that there won’t be more write-offs as long as there is still stock in the so-called portfolio.
No wonder the stock has been acting the way it has. The market-makers must have had inside info and been manipulating it ahead of the announcement. They’re all a bunch of crooks.
The company is giving guidance that it won’t go bankrupt but I’m not sure the Street’s going to buy that either.


Re: Earnings Out!
by: scooper
Long-Term Sentiment: Buy                                        02/19/02 4:48 pm
Msg: 77124 of 77136
Posted as a reply to: Msg 77122 by pooper
pooper, your just as much an asshole as your buddy al gore and this isnt a political board.  Social security has nothing to do with hackoff and hackoff has plenty of cash not even counting the stock in its portfolio that’s got to go up sometime.


Re: The Earnings Release
by: Alaska60-60
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell                              02/19/02 4:52 pm
Msg: 77125 of 77136
Posted as a reply to: Msg 77123 by jumbo10
Well looks like jumbo got all his stock sold. Pump and dump works again. Now he changes to a ‘sell’ probably means he’s going to buy more jerkoff. Good chance to lose even more when it goes down the tubes.
Lets see how the lizard and the cunt try to spin this one in the press conference. This is real shit, huge loss. Bankruptcy coming. Assets arent worth shit. All the past sales were just bullshit.
Don’t say I didn’t try to warn all you jerkoffs. antihack is the only real company in this space.


Re: The Earnings Release
by: scooper
Long-Term Sentiment: Buy                                        02/19/02 4:56 pm
Msg: 77126 of 77136
Posted as a reply to: Msg 77125 by Alaska60-60
alaska, you’re as much an asshole as your friend pooper and this is not the antihack board. why don’t you stay there where you belong so you can pump and dump that and not bother us here on this board
does antihack have any new product like hackoff monitored hackaway? Maybe they will in a year when they copy hackoff as usual.


Re: The Earnings Release
by: Alaska60-60
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell                              02/19/02 5:01 pm
Msg: 77127 of 77136
Posted as a reply to: Msg 77126 by scooper
does monitored hackaway means that somebody watches you jerkoff? You’d probably like that.  if you don’t want to get jerked off, buy antihack


Re: The Earnings Release
by: Jumbo10 (45/M/New York, NY)
Long-Term Sentiment: Sell                                        02/19/02 5:05 pm
Msg: 77128 of 77136
Posted as a reply to: Msg 77123 by jumbo10
Somebody might buy the company when the stock gets really clobbered. It does have cash and some of the stocks in its portfolio might be worth something. Maybe Microsoft or somebody wants some of the products or patents to or maybe vultures will snap it up.
But that’s not enough to make me buy, because insiders always make out like the bandits they are in a deal like that and the stockholders get screwed. Lazard should do the right thing and quit, but he won’t because he wants his payoff.


Re: The Earnings Release
by: PacPhil (24/M/New York, NY)
Long-Term Sentiment: Buy                                        02/19/02 5:07 pm
Msg: 77129 of 77136
Posted as a reply to: Msg 77128 by jumbo10
Jumbo, good analysis as always. Do you really think the company might get bought?  Wouldn’t that make it go up?


Re: The Earnings Release
by: scooper
Long-Term Sentiment: Buy                                        02/19/02 5:07 pm
Msg: 77130 of 77136
Posted as a reply to: Msg 77128 by jumbo10
Do you think Lazard might quit? Maybe he will.


Re: The Earnings Release
by: Alaska60-60
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell                              02/19/02 5:10 pm
Msg: 77131 of 77136
Posted as a reply to: Msg 77130 by scooper
Your an idiot jumbo or just getting reddy to dump more stock.  the company is toast — stick a fork in it.  Only hope is antihack buys them but they’re not going to pay up for this piece of shit when they can just wait for it go bust and take the customers.
First the stocks going under a buck and gets delisted then it falls to pennies then maybe someone buys it for a penny more.
scooper why don’t you ask the lizard if hes going to quit. He wont answer anyway but better then asking pump and dump jumbo.


What was the quarter like
by: CLess
                                                                                      02/19/02 5:15 pm
Msg: 77132 of 77136
What kind of quarter did hackoff have???


Re: The Earnings Release
by: scooper
Long-Term Sentiment: Buy                                        02/19/02 5:15 pm
Msg: 77133 of 77136
Posted as a reply to: Msg 77130 by Alaska60-60
I will send in a question. I bet Lazard does answer. I bet he does.


New product
by: TestTost (34/M/San Francisco, CA)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy                              02/19/02 5:15 pm
Msg: 77134 of 77136
The porno sites need the monitoring product. People are always trying to hack into them either to see the cunts for free or steal the credit cards of everyone else who is watching them. And the porno sites pay cash to hackoff because they have it. They don’t give nobody a piece of the action for nothing.


Re: Earnings Out!
by: ChorusLine (24/F/Paramus, NJ)
Long-Term Sentiment: Buy                                        02/19/02 5:16 pm
Msg: 77135 of 77136
Posted as a reply to: Msg 77121 by ChorusLine
It’s bad! The street wont like it!


After Market
by: thewatcher02 (37/M/New Rochelle, NY)                                                                                                                                               02/19/02 5:16 pm
Msg: 77136 of 77136
hackoff’s trading in the aftermarket. 5k shares down to $1.45.



“Those fucking assholes,” says Larry.

“We already knew they were assholes,” says Aaron. “So what else did you learn?”

Larry scans the printout again. “Well, some of them don’t know the difference between a paper loss and a real loss of cash. We’ve gotta make clear on the call that we’re not going bankrupt; that we have plenty of cash and even more other assets.”

“You already said that in the guidance. You said it more than you probably should.”

“They didn’t get it.”

“Hopefully most people are smarter than pooper,” Donna says. “That’s not who we sell stock to. Actually, TestTost turns out to be smarter than I thought, some of the blood must’ve gone back to his brain. Maybe he ran out of Viagra. But he’s right about the porno sites and monitored service. Lar, you might want to make that point.”

Larry doesn’t answer.

“Larry, you okay?” asks Donna. “You hear what I said about the porno ... uh, adult sites?”

“Yeah, yeah.  I heard. You think those assholes at antihack would try a hostile? You think we have to worry about that?”

“Now you’re listening to Alaska,” says Aaron. “I told you we shouldn’t have wasted time on the chat group idiots. Is there anything else we need to do to get you two ready for the webcast?”

“We gotta make sure the stock doesn’t fall too far,” says Larry as if he doesn’t hear Aaron. “Maybe we need some takeover defenses. Aaron, you need to think about that. We should plant a question about antihack in the webcast.”

“How’re we gonna answer that?” asks Aaron. “Sounds like a sure way to establish a case for plaintiff’s lawyer or even antihack’s lawyer.”

“Just do your fucking job and stop being so fucking negative,” says Larry. “If we’re gonna get attacked we fight back, preferably BEFORE we’re attacked. For now I just gotta emphasize the positive — the new product and stuff, the assets — in the webcast. And we gotta have a question — actually, the chat group suggests it — a question about whether antihack has any new product like monitored service.”

“How do you know they don’t?” asks Aaron.

“They haven’t had time to copy us yet. They haven’t announced it and we’ve announced ours so anything they announce now looks copycat and we’ve got to grab the position of innovators. Here’s the question...” He dictates to the admin: “‘Do you have any competitors? If so, do they have any product like your Monitored hackaway Service? If not, why not?’ Just type that up and get ready to read it when I hand it to you. Also another question: ‘Does this announced loss for the quarter mean that hackoff.com is running out of money?’ Might as well face that one head-on for people who don’t get it.  Donna, I’m gonna give that one to you when it comes up.”

After a few minutes, the admin dials into the conferencing service on the Polycom.

“Hello, my name is Naomi; I’ll be your conference coordinator,” says a voice from the other end. “Do we have the name of the company right for the conference? It’s ... uh…”

“Hackoff.com,” says Larry.

“Right, thank you. This is the … uh … hackoff.com fourth quarter and anal … uh, I mean … annual … results conference call…”

“Get your mind out of the gutter,” says Larry. He is smiling for the first time today.

“Excuse me, sir?”

“Nothing, you’re doing fine. It’s the ‘hackoff.com fourth quarter and annual results conference call.’”

“Thank you. Are you Mr. Lay-zard?”

“Lazard,” says Larry. He is now fighting hard to speak through his laughter. “It’s pronounced … (chokes on laughter) ... pronounced Luh‑zard.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you. After the announcement of the call, I’ll be giving the participants some instructions and then I turn the meeting over to you; is that right?”

“Yes,” says Larry, regaining control. “By George, I think you’ve got it...”

“Excuse me, sir?”

“Nothing. You’ve got it right. All their phones should be muted when you hand off to me. I’ll be handing off to Ms. Langhorne — you should actually announce that she and I are co-hosting the conference — I’ll be handing off to her.  Then she’ll give it back to me. Then I’ll talk for a while; then I’ll tell you to open up … uh, to open the line up … for questions.” He starts to laugh again.

“Yes, sir. I think I have that. They’ll be mooted to begin the call. Then we unmoot. What is Ms. Langhorny’s title?”

Larry can’t stop laughing enough to talk. He points at the admin to take over.

“Uh ... this is Michele Frankel, I’m Mr. Lazard’s assistant. Mr. Lazard’s title is Chairman and CEO, and Ms. Langhorne — that’s LANG-horne — is Chief Financial Officer.”

“Okay. Thank you. I show five minutes until the conference time and there are three participants on music hold.”

“Good,” says Larry recovering. “Let us know when we’re at start time.” He mutes the phone and grins at Donna who has her reading glasses on and is going over her script.  “Langhorny,” he says, “”Are you ready?”

She ignores him.

Michele the Admin makes last minute arrangements with another admin who will bring her questions as they come off the Web. She brings back a couple of questions that have already come in. Larry looks over them quickly and stops chuckling.

HAVE YOU BEEN INDICTED YET, LAZARD? He balls that one up and throws it away.

ARE YOU GOING TO QUIT, MR. LAZARD? He keeps that one and numbers it and three other questions and hands them to Michele.

Aaron takes them from her and removes two.

Larry gestures to him to put them back. Aaron opens his mouth to argue.

“I show thirty seconds to start time and seven participants on music hold,” says Naomi the Coordinator.

Larry motions Aaron to silence and puts all the questions back in the pile.

Aaron picks up the gun from Larry’s coffee table, puts it to his head, and mocks pulling the trigger.

“Don’t worry,” says Larry. “I know what I’m doing.” He takes the gun from Aaron, puts it to his head, and pulls the trigger. It clicks and he puts it down.


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