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Chapter 6 - Davos, January 26-February 1, 2000 - Episode 4

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Media Alert




Davos, Switzerland – January 28,  2000 – (BUSINESS WIRE) hackoff.com (NASDAQ:HOFC) CEO Larry Lazard  will be interviewed on MSNBC at 10AM EST on Friday, January 29.  Mr. Lazard is one of a select group of leaders of the international economy who have been invited to participate in the prestigious annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.


The Interview

Eve has come through. Larry has an interview on the outside platform with MSNBC. The green room is a porch of the platform above the snow. No makeup is necessary in the outside light. The host is Roger Ratherson.



Roger:    Larry Lazard, Chairman and CEO of hackoff.com, welcome to MSNBC live coverage from Davos.

Larry:    Roger, thanks for having me.

Roger:    Well, how does it feel to be here at Davos with world leaders from so many disciplines?  From  government. From the press.  From the private sector. How DOES it feel?

Larry:    Well, Roger, I’m very honored, of course. I realize I’m not here as Larry Lazard but as the CEO of a successful company. A company whose success is a tribute to many other individuals. But it is important to realize that we are a part of the world economy and that the work that we do day-to-day affects not only our customers and our employees but an increasingly interdependent world economy. And it is important to realize that success in one place, one part, of that world economy, can be the engine, the leverage for success in other places.

Roger:    Well, Larry, that certainly is the message of Davos 2000, isn’t it? The world economy IS interconnected. We cannot ignore that fact. We cannot evade the responsibility we have in an interconnected and interdependent world.

Larry:    Yes, Roger, that is a fact. We ARE interdependent.

Roger:    So, Larry, let me ask. What is the role of adult websites in this interdependent world? You are here as a representative of uh ... hackoff.com because of its success on the NASDAQ which is, indeed, a world market. What is the contribution of adult content to the world economy?

Larry:    Excuse me, Roger, I think you’ve been badly briefed ... uh, misinformed. Hackoff.com is in the Internet security business. We are NOT in the pornography business. Our role is to assure that e-commerce is as safe — no, safer — than traditional commerce. And that is very important to the interconnected world economy because it is only through e-commerce that a vendor in say, the Gaza Strip, can reach...

Roger:    Larry, I appreciate the explanation. However, I’m sure our listeners are interested in the answer to the question of how adult content is part of the world economy.

Larry:    Roger, my company does Internet security; we are NOT a content provider. Not an adult content provider; not any kind of content provider.

Roger:    Aren’t some of your customers providers of adult content?

Larry:    Yes, I guess. I mean adult content is part of e‑commerce. Adult sites take credit cards. They have to protect their customers’ credit card numbers against hackers. And there is no one better at protecting against hackers than hackoff.com.

Roger:    Don’t you own a part of all your customers? Isn’t your business model to take a share? To, in effect, become an Internet holding company?

Larry:    Roger, you have been well briefed.  Yes, taking an ownership share in our customers is part of what make hackoff unique. We...

Roger:    So, Larry, as the “owner” of adult sites, can you tell our listeners the role of adult content in the world economy?

Larry:    Roger, we don’t own part of any adult sites.

Roger:    But I thought that was your business model?

Larry:    Our customers have the choice of paying us in cash or in equity. The adult industry has elected to pay in cash so I don’t believe we hold any equity in adult content companies.

Roger:    Does this mean that adult content is the most profitable segment of e-commerce?

Larry:    Maybe. I don’t know. You could make an argument that pornography drives technology...

Roger:    What do you mean?

Larry:    Well, look at the record. People bought VHS when they could get porno to show on it. Before that there were Super-8 movie projectors. The Internet is only one of a long line of technologies whose popular adoption has been driven by “adult content”. Why do you think people bought Polaroid cameras?

 Roger:   Larry, I don’t know. Why did people buy Polaroid cameras? I suppose it was because they could see what their pictures looked like without waiting for them to be developed. Like digital cameras today.

Larry:    Maybe some, but not mainly. They bought ‘em so they could take pictures of their girl friends that they wouldn’t have to send to a developer. Look, everyone knows that the first book to be printed on a printing press was the Gutenberg Bible. Do you know what the second was?

Roger:    Well, we’re running out of time before our next guest; the woman who is now CEO of one of the ten largest US companies. But, Larry, what was the second book published on a printing press?

Larry:    It was Pamela, a soft-porn novel; we’d call it a soap opera today.

Roger:    That’s certainly an interesting factoid. Thank you Larry Lazard, CEO of hackoff.com. Our next guest is...



The Chat Board

Larry on CNNFN
by: thewatcher02 (35/M/New Rochelle, NY)                                                                                                                                               01/28/00 10:45 am
Msg: 9001 of 9016
Larry Lazard is going to be on MSNBC from Davos at 3PM today!


Re: Larry on MSNBC
by: ChorusLine (22/F/Paramus, NJ)
Long-Term Sentiment: Buy                                        01/28/00 10:51 am
Msg: 9002 of 9016
Posted as a reply to: Msg 9001 by thewatcher02
That should send the stock up this today!  It’s already at an all-time high!


Re: Larry on MSNBC
by: pooper
Long-Term Sentiment: Sell                                        01/28/00 10:54 am
Msg: 9003 of 9016
Posted as a reply to: Msg 9002 by ChorusLine
What’s Lazard doing skiing?  He ought to be running the company. That’s why he gets the big bucks.


Re: Larry on MSNBC
by: Jumbo10 (43/M/New York, NY)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy                              01/28/00 10:59 am
Msg: 9004 of 9016
Posted as a reply to: Msg 9003 by Pooper
This is a good chance for Lazard to tell the company’s story to a worldwide audience. It is important to get foreign investors into the stock; they don’t sell as fast.  And we need more fuel to keep going up.
Given where the stock is trading, it does look like the US market understands our story but I don’t think there’s much foreign ownership.


Re: Larry on MSNBC
by: scooper
Long-Term Sentiment: Buy                                        01/28/00 11:05 am
Msg: 9005 of 9016
Posted as a reply to: Msg 9003 by pooper
pooper, you’re still an asshole. Larry is in davos because he’s important.  Everybody important is at the world economic forum everybody knows that except you cause you’re not important.


Larrys on NOW
by: thewatcher02 (35/M/New Rochelle, NY)
                                                                                      01/28/00 11:06 am
Msg: 9006 of 9016
Larrys on!  But the guy thinks hackoff is a porno site.


Re: Larrys on NOW
by: Alaska60-60
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell                              01/28/00 11:07 am
Msg: 9007 of 9016
Posted as a reply to: Msg 9006 by thewatcher02
The companys been public for sex months and the Lizard still cant tell the jerkoff story. If he ever does tell the truth about the company everybodyll sell except maybe shills like chorusline and jumbo that probably sold already when they got all you jerkoffs to buy. 


Re: Larrys on NOW
by: scooper
Long-Term Sentiment: Buy                                        01/28/00 11:09 am
Msg: 9008 of 9016
Posted as a reply to: Msg 9007 by Alaska60-60
Alaska, you asshole, you’ve been running the company down since the stock opened at 15.  Now its almost 10 times that and you’re just pissed that you were wrong and missed a chance to make real money or worse maybe you’re short and you can’t get out. I bet that’s it; that’s why you spend all your time on the hackoff board bashing the stock. It’s because you’re caught in your own shorts; talk about jerking off.


Lizard lost his mind
by: Alaska60-60
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell                              01/28/00 11:12 am
Msg: 9009 of 9016
now the lizard is giving a lecture on the history of porno. hes lost his fucking mind. hes not talking about jerkoff.com; hes just talking about the whole jerkoff business, the fucking history of porno. 


New High?
by: thewatcher02 (35/M/New Rochelle, NY)
                                                                                      01/28/00 11:18 am
Msg: 9010 of 9016
HOFC’s at 147 1/2.  New alltime high!!!!


Larrys Interview
by: Jumbo10 (43/M/New York, NY)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy                                        01/28/00 11:22 am
Msg: 9011 of 9016
Larry didn’t do his job;  no question about that. He is supposed to sell the company, not give bullshit lectures. Being at Davos may have gone to his head and that’s not a good thing. No CEO is going to look out for us, of course, its all about what’s in it for them but it’s better for us when they’re in it for the money than when they get carried away on an ego trip. We don’t have any shares in Lazard’s ego.
But maybe he can make some good deals there at Davos. There are other e-commerce CEOs there and Bill Gates and Michael Dell and Jeff Bezos. Maybe hackoff can protect Amazon; that would be a great story for the stock.
So I’m keeping hackoff at a strong buy for now even though Larry fucked up. Maybe he’ll get his ego under control and sell something he can announce.


Re: Larrys Interview
by: PacPhil (22/M/New York, NY)
Long-Term Sentiment: Buy                                        01/28/00 11:24 am
Msg: 9012 of 9016
Posted as a reply to: Msg 9011 by jumbo10
Good points, Jumbo.  You’re probably right.


Was Larry on?
by: CLess
                                                                                      01/28/00 11:26 am
Msg: 9013 of 9016
Was he on???  What’s the stock at?


Porno Rules
by: TestTost (32/M/San Francisco, CA)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy                              01/28/00 11:30 am
Msg: 9014 of 9016
Larry was right about porno; it’s hot.  He’s right to talk about porno; people like it and hackoff makes money from it protecting the websites.


Re: Larrys Interview
by: ChorusLine (22/F/Paramus, NJ)
Long-Term Sentiment: Buy                                        01/28/00 11:35 am
Msg: 9015 of 9016
Posted as a reply to: Msg 9011 by Jumbo10
Larry’s on an ego trip.  Larry’s at the World Economic Forum what will the street think?


Stock Down
by: thewatcher02 (35/M/New Rochelle, NY)                                                                                                                                               01/28/00 11:40 am
Msg: 9016 of 9016
HOFC at 142!  Big volume!


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